What Is PIP Insurance?

PIP Insurance is otherwise known as Personal Injury Protection Coverage.  In Pennsylvania it is mandatory and provides for payment of your injury-related medical bills that are automobile accident-related.   In Pennsylvania, the standard amount of coverage that comes with your Automobile Insurance Policy is $5,000.00.  However, it is possible to purchase additional amounts.

A good thing about PIP coverage in Pennsylvania is that it is subject to subrogation.  This means that when your own insurance company pays your medical bills, it does not have the right to be repaid back out of your personal injury settlement.  This is important because other types of insurance may place a lien on your recovery.

Another good thing about PIP coverage is that your insurance company will pay your bills regardless of whether you are at fault.

In Pennsylvania, the legislature has worked out built-in discounts, so that your medical providers will generally be required to accept these discounted sums without looking to you or your case for the balance.

PIP Insurance can also cover funeral bills and lost wage amounts after certain deductibles and co-pay requirements are met.  Moreover, if you own no vehicle, but are a passenger in someone else’s car, you may be able to collect PIP benefits from their insurance policy without raising their insurance rates!

Finally, unlike HMO policies, PIP coverage in Pennsylvania does not require you to get an insurance referral.  PIP is a good thing to have when you are in an car accident.

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