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Motorcycle Accidents

Helping Injured Motorcyclists in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Motorcycles are a common means of transportation as well as a recreational activity for many people in this country.  The number of registered motorcycles continues to steadily increase each year. Unfortunately, as with other motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents can and do occur and automobile accidents involving a motorcycle tend to be more deadly.

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that motorcycle accidents accounted for 4,612 fatalities and 81,000 injuries in the year 2011. Pennsylvania figures for the same year include 199 motorcyclist deaths and 3,603 injuries to motorcyclists. Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyers at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates have extensive experience in helping riders and their families with motorcycle accident claims obtain the compensation to which they are entitled under the law.

Motorcyclists More Vulnerable to Traumatic Life Changing Injuries

Motorcycle accidents are unique in that they can be extremely dangerous and have the potential to cause the most severe life altering injuries of any motor vehicle that uses our nation’s roadways. With motorcycles offering limited protection from impact as compared to other motor vehicles, injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident are often very serious. Injuries can include lacerations, road rash, burns, fractures, severed limbs, internal injuries, brain damage, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries and even death. Many of the injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can require months or even years for the injured victim to fully recover while others may suffer lifelong permanent disabilities.

Injured motorcycle accident victims require and deserve a qualified and skilled motorcycle accident lawyer on their side to protect their rights. Often times, individuals operating a different mode of transportation such as a car or truck are negligent and disregard the rights of motorcycle drivers. In the event that another motorist’s carelessness or negligence results in an accident, a motorcycle injury victim may have the right to recover compensation for their losses including medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings, ongoing future medical treatments, and property damage.

Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers of Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates are Dedicated to Representing Injured Motorcyclists and their Families

Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyers at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates are experienced in handling all types of motorcycle accident cases including rear-end crashes, limited visibility crashes, aggressive drivers, distracted drivers, drowsy drivers, drunk drivers and drivers under the influence of drugs. With nearly 30 years experience representing victims of motorcycle crashes, we have witnessed firsthand the serious and permanent injuries that many motorcycle accident victims are left with in the aftermath of the accident. With our understanding and knowledge of the Pennsylvania motorcycle laws and traffic regulations, we can handle all the details and intricacies associated with a motorcycle accident, allowing our clients and their families to focus on the healing process.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a serious or fatal motorcycle collision, it is crucial to seek legal counsel from an experienced Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer. At Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates, our attorneys will begin your case with an extensive investigation to determine the negligent parties responsible for your injuries. We will then fight to protect your rights, seek justice for your losses, and fight to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Our offices are conveniently located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Voorhees, New Jersey and we represent victims of motorcycle accidents throughout both states. Call our personal injury law firm today at 215-567-6600 or 856-663-2566 to schedule a free consultation with a Philadelphia car accident attorney experienced in motorcycle accident lawsuits or contact us online.

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