What Kind of Damages Can I Get in An Accident Lawsuit?

At Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates, we are often asked about the types of damages that can be awarded to a car accident victim.  Assuming that the other driver is insured and at fault, the list of damages can include payment for lost wages (i.e., your time missed from work during your convalescence), property damage reimbursement to your car caused by the crash, rental car reimbursement and  out of pocket costs such as co-pays and taxi reimbursement.

Moreover, if you qualify for full tort status because of your policy selection, the seriousness of your injury, or because you meet one of the exceptions to limited tort, you can seek payment for pain and suffering.  Pain and suffering include general damages to compensate you (and your spouse in a consortium claim) for incapacity, pain, emotional distress, anxiety and disability.   As discussed in earlier blogs, not every claimant is entitled to pain and suffering under Pennsylvania law.  So it is best to meet with an accident lawyer immediately after the accident to discuss your case.  At Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates we have focused on representing accident victims for over thirty years and we have the knowledge, experience and legal skill to guide you to a maximum result.

However, in some cases, we can also seek attorney‘s fees from the other side.  This, however, requires either a written agreement to pay or a statute that permits such a recovery.  Moreover, where the conduct of the defendant is willful or outrageous, the Court also may permit an award of punitive damages which are designed to punish the defendant, rather than compensate the victim.  While punitive damage awards are rare, they do occur, and when they do, such awards can be quite large, even into the millions.  At Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates we will advise you of your rights and we will fight hard to get you every dollar you deserve.

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