Five Designated Drivers Too Impaired to Drive Safely

Every night, designated drivers volunteer to drive their friends and loved ones home from events where alcohol is consumed.  This selfless act is a benefit to the community, the health of loved ones, and the driver themselves because drunk driving accidents claim 10,000 lives each year. Doing the responsible thing is not always easy when it comes to designated driving and a recent study in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs lends support to that notion. According to the study, 40 percent of designated drivers consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Sadly, the volunteers that are supposed to be protecting their passengers are actually putting them at risk to be involved in a drunk driving accident.

The study took 165 designated drivers and measured their blood-alcohol content (BAC) to see if designated drivers were actually meeting their obligation. A staggering 20 percent of these drivers had a BAC greater than .05 which constitutes impaired driving in the eyes of researchers. In the eyes of the law, a BAC of .08 is the legal limit, but researchers assert that a driver’s ability is significantly lessened before that point. In fact, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) would like the legal limit reduced to .05 to help decrease the destruction drunk driving causes every year.

While having a designated driver is still a responsible plan, the Philadelphia car accident lawyers of Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates urge you to plan ahead and ensure your designated driver is refraining from alcohol. Too often, designated drivers are chosen based on who is the least drunk or who claims they’ve driven drunk before. This is extremely dangerous as the repercussions from a drunk driving accident can involve catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

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