Judge Suffers Fatal Slip and Fall Accident

A New Jersey Superior Court judge died last month after slipping and falling outside of a New Jersey deli. The 63-year-old judge was left in critical condition after the slip and fall and later died in a hospital surrounded by his friends and family. The judge, who was appointed to the Morris-Sussex Vicinage in 1991, hit his head after slipping and falling backwards on the steps outside of a nearby deli. It is still unclear whether the judge died as a result of the slip and fall, a pre-existing injury, or complications relating to the fall. It is also unclear whether the judge fell because of improper maintenance of the deli steps, defects in the sidewalk, or if any negligence occurred whatsoever.

In a statement made soon after his death, the judge’s brother and other family members voiced their appreciation for the support and condolences the community had offered. The judge will be remembered as a man who stood up for those less fortunate, those without a voice and young men who seemed destined to live lives of crime. The judge took particular interest in helping troubled juveniles, oftentimes being referred to as a “champion of the underdog,” during the nearly three decades that he served on the bench. According to his colleagues, the judge served in each of the three trial divisions, always offered to help those around him and often served as a mentor to many young attorneys and judges. For those who knew him best, the judge was remembered as “legendary,” a man that will be “sorely missed” and a judge who “served with honor and distinction on the bench.”

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