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Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers Advise on Winter Conditions Causing Slip and Fall Accidents

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers Advise on Winter Conditions Causing Slip and Fall Accidents




Winter weather brings snow and ice and an increased risk of suffering a slip and fall accident. It is imperative to know your rights if you slip and fall as a result of accumulated snow or ice in a public place.

These accidents routinely occur in parking lots or on sidewalks outside of businesses. It is the property owner’s duty to maintain these areas of snow and ice in winter storms to prevent personal injuries. Property owners often contract plow companies that perform snow and ice removal to keep their parking lots and sidewalks safe. Some dangers to look out for during winter months are as follows.

  • Ice accumulation on the roofs of homes and business: Ice melts, drips off and refreezes on the ground.
  • The slushy surface of a parking lot causes a combination of snow and ice to form puddles and ice patches.
  • Snow and ice accumulation can lead to icicles. Inevitably, they will fall, so there is a high risk for a slip and fall or other personal injury.

Another responsibility of any property owner is to provide adequate lighting. In a dark parking lot, the risk for a slip and fall accident rises, as guests can trip over steps or curbs during winter storms. Whether it is the owner or a contracted company maintaining the property, the business must anticipate dangers of snow and ice. As much as the property owner has a duty, so does the general public. Avoiding snow and ice in parking areas and sidewalks is a must.

Exceptions to Slip and Fall Accidents

There is a certain level of reasonableness to consider in slip and fall accidents. Depending on geographical location, an individual who lives in the northern part of the country should expect a reasonable amount of snow between December and March. This puts more responsibility on the victim to prepare for wintry conditions.

Some property owners find themselves free of responsibility when it comes to slip and fall accidents that occur on sidewalks. In some places, the sidewalk is legally owned by the city or town. Thus, it is the duty of that city to maintain the sidewalk.

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates Advocate for Victims of Slip and Fall Accidents

If you live in the Philadelphia area, you know that winter brings severe storms and bitter temperatures, so slip and fall accidents are much more common. If you become injured, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. Determining a person or property owner’s negligence in slip and fall cases is often difficult, but our experienced Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers will assist with the process and help you pursue compensation for your injury. Visit us online or call us at 215-567-6600. Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates assists clients all over the Philadelphia area, including Cherry Hill, New Jersey.