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Determining Responsibility for Outdoor Slip and Falls

Determining Responsibility for Outdoor Slip and Falls

If someone is hurt badly while walking down the outside steps of another person’s home, who is at fault? As with many legal questions, your lawyer will need to know more about the conditions of what occurred, but the homeowner could be at fault for the accident.

A homeowner can be at fault for a slip and fall accident that occurs on the steps outside their home if the steps were not adequately maintained. For example, if the steps were in serious disrepair or if there was a lot of debris on them, this could contribute to the homeowner’s liability. Additionally, if there was snow or ice on the steps as a result of another hazardous condition like a place where water and ice accumulate as a result of negligence, this could also make the homeowner liable. Philadelphia slip and fall attorneys will need to know all these facts to determine if the injured person can claim damages.

If the accident occurred on a sidewalk outside of a home, then the homeowner would not normally be responsible since sidewalks are usually maintained by the city or town. There are exceptions to every circumstance, though. If the sidewalk is mainly used to access a business, then courts in the past have found businesses to be liable for accidents occurring on that specific walkway. This is especially true if there is some sort of dangerous condition present on that walkway.

Slip and Fall Accidents at Stores and Parking Lots

Stores can be held liable for a customer’s injury outside the store if the store’s building was not properly maintained. Owners of parking lots can also be held liable for accidents if the parking lot was not maintained properly. For example, the parking lot owner could be liable for injuries connected to major holes or cracks in the pavement.

Additionally, if a person falls or is injured as a result of inadequate lighting outside a building, the building owner could be held liable as well. If the owner knew or should have known about the poor lighting outside the building, this is also a factor in determining liability.

Determining liability in outdoor slip and fall accidents may not always be as clear as one might think, and many factors come into play. If you have been injured outside of a building or a home, obtaining sound legal advice can help you determine next steps.

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