Cleaning Safety Tips

Warm weather has finally arrived, and the instinct for most people is to spruce up and clean out. Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers know that accidents can happen when people take on activities that they are not accustomed to doing. The following are safety tips to consider when cleaning and can be helpful to avoid potential accidents.

  • Be aware of clutter. While you are cleaning, do not make large piles of things near entryways or stairways that could make for a tripping hazard for other members of the household who are not accustomed to seeing items in that location.
  • Do not leave buckets of water after cleaning is finished. Always dispose of buckets of water, especially those that contain cleaning chemicals. These could be a hazard for children and pets or cause slip and falls if they are inadvertently spilled.
  • Read the directions associated with cleaners. In case you forget, always read the directions of cleaning agents to avoid harmful mixtures or utilizing the wrong amount of a cleaning agent for the task at hand.
  • Put away cleaning agents when you are finished. Again, these could be a hazard for children, pets, or unexpected visitors.
  • Think twice about moving heavy furniture or appliances. Be certain as to whether you are up for the task of moving heavy objects. If not, ask for help, clean around it, or find a better tool to clean below or behind the object.
  • Be mindful of ladders for cleaning high places. Additionally, be certain that you are up for the task of climbing a ladder or stepping stool. If you have any question about it, it is better to ask for help rather than risk a fall that could injure yourself and others in the area.
  • Put ladders and other tools away. These could be a hazard for anyone who does not realize that the item was there, including the person who put it there and may have forgotten.
  • Make sure pets have a secure place to go. A pet can knock over a ladder, paint cans, or create other unintended mishaps that lead to potential slip and falls.

When performing cleaning projects, homeowners must remember that they are responsible for falls and injuries that occur on and around their property. This includes people you have invited to your home or people who are reasonably expected to be around your home, such as mail carriers and those of the sort.

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