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Why and Where Falls Occur Most Often

Why and Where Falls Occur Most Often




To better prevent falls, a business must first get a better understanding of why and where falls occur on the premises. Where the fall occurs focuses on the physical aspects surrounding the fall area. Determining why a fall occurred involves understanding the mental state of the person who fell, such as if they were distracted by a phone call or a crying child in the moment of the fall. If they were not feeling well or were not aware of their surroundings, it could have contributed to their injury.

When a fall occurs in a public establishment, the owner must obtain a clear picture of whether there was something they could have done differently to prevent the fall. Additionally, it must be determined whether the person who fell contributed to the fall.

Tips to Prevent Falls

  • Regularly communicate with staff/volunteers about the potential for slip and fall accidents and encourage employees to report any slip and fall hazards they observe before a patron experiences an accident. This can be through newsletters, emails, or regularly changing flyers in employee areas.  Education and recognition of risk is key to preventing accidents.
  • Create a Point Person by appointing someone on staff or a volunteer to be responsible for distributing information. Risks should be reported to this person as well.
  • Maintain a database of slip and fall accidents by keeping detailed reports of accidents that occurred and of potentially risky situations that were addressed. This will help the property owner identify areas of risk where major repairs may be appropriate. An entire remodel of the hazardous area may be necessary to reduce the risk entirely.

Where Do Falls Occur?

Studies have found that 94 percent of falls occur either at home or in a public place. This could be because clutter builds up in homes and yards, or certain places become too familiar to us that we are not on the lookout for potential risks. On the other hand, the propensity to fall in public is likely because the area is unfamiliar, or a risk was not immediately apparent.

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