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Floor Safety Inspections Help Avoid Accidents

Floor Safety Inspections Help Avoid Accidents



Floor safety can include different types of procedures. It can include keeping areas clean but establishing other procedures that avoid damaging the floor or creating a mess on the floor. All these types of procedures can help avoid potential slip and fall accidents. For example, in vicinities where hazardous waste is stored in central waste collection areas, those areas are required to be inspected at least once a week to ensure that the tanks and containers are not leaking.

Businesses should expand that compliance inspection to include a thorough inspection of the floors in that same area to ensure that the floors are clean and dry and that there are no broken or chipped areas that could increase the risk of customers injuring themselves on the floor.

Customer Ingress and Egress Area Inspections

Additionally, in areas where customers come in and out of a business, the business should designate a person to inspect the ingress and egress space frequently to ensure that there are no hazards present. This can help to avoid potential slip and fall accidents. If there are other frequent inspections of other customer-occupied areas, then inspections of these ingress and egress areas can be combined with these inspections. These inspections may include changing out entrance way carpets if they get too wet or dirty, therefore, having clean floor mats on hand is always a good idea for businesses who receive an increased amount foot traffic.

Inspection of Outdoor Areas Surrounding the Business

Properly maintaining parking lots and outside walkways, especially during bad weather, is another factor that helps avoid customer accidents. Therefore, maintenance and frequent inspection of the outdoor spaces surrounding the business should be done frequently. A formalized plan of inspection of these outdoor and indoor areas is necessary. Designating a person and a time of day to conduct inspections will help to avoid accidents. Increasing inspections during bad weather will also decrease the chances for accidents. For example, removing leaves from outdoor walking spaces will ensure that customers do not track in leaves. Also, removing snow, ice, or water from the outdoor area will help keep the indoor area free from hazards. Spreading too much salt outside when there is ice or snow can create an indoor slipping hazard if too much salt is tracked inside.

Businesses should be vigilant when inspecting areas where there is customer traffic. Slip and fall accidents can be avoided through frequent inspection and by removing potential hazards.

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