Did You Know That Lessin & Gompers are Not Just Good Personal Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia?

Did you know that Jeff Lessin owns two sport fishing boats and has won money in competitive fishing tournaments worldwide?

Did you know that Geoff Gompers works part time for Fox Sports as a broadcast spotter and statistical analyst for Major League Baseball and the National Football League and that he has covered college football games for the ACC Network?

Did you know that Jeff Lessin’s father, Marvin Lessin was a pioneer in personal injury litigation and was a co-founder of Manchel, Lundy and Lessin?

Did you know that Geoff Gompers is a world traveler and has visited over 50 different countries?

Did you know that Geoff Gompers’ first jury trial set a State record for verdict size in ADEA cases and was litigated to the U.S. Supreme Court before the verdict was paid in full?

Did you know that Jeff Lessin and Geoff Gompers are avid Philadelphia professional sports fans and long time season ticket holders for multiple teams?

Did you know that Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates have a medical graduate on staff to analyze and advise on medical malpractice and personal injury cases?

Did you know that Geoff Gompers’ great grand uncle, Samuel Gompers, founded the American labor movement?

Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates are more than just good personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia!  They are well rounded and experienced!  More importantly, they have specialized in obtaining large recoveries for accident victims for over thirty years.  Call today at 215-567-6600 for a free consultation on your personal injury and car accident case.