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Driver Fatigue Study

Driver Fatigue Study




A new study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute uncovers some surprising findings regarding driving while fatigued. The research shows that a driver who is fatigued is four times more likely to be involved in an car accident.  Moreover, driver fatigue is the cause of twenty percent of all automobile accidents.

Driver Fatigue Research Methods

One hundred drivers who commute in the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C., metropolitan area were studied in a “naturalistic” setting.  This means that researchers observed real drivers in normal driving situations with limited outside intrusions.   This type of research allows for more accurate reporting than data obtained from test tracks or simulated driving courses.

To observe drivers in their natural setting, researchers installed inconspicuous cameras in their cars.  Other monitoring devices included forward and rearward Vorad radar units, five video channels, accelerometers, lane-tracking software, and an in-vehicle network sensor.

Researchers observed thirty-eight drivers who suffered fatigue.  Motorists were seen driving with their eyes closed, bobbing their heads and “micro-sleeping” (closing their eyes and then popping them open.)  Overall, 82 car crashes and 761 near-car crashes occurred because of driver fatigue.  Moreover, there were more than 8,000 incidents of poor driving due to driver fatigue such as running a red light and braking hard.

Teenagers Affected by Driver Fatigue

Research data found that 18-20 year olds were involved in considerably more car accidents due to driver fatigue.  The study concluded the reason for this may be that adolescents suffer from daytime tiredness as a result of their school day starting early and going to bed later.  Furthermore, teen drivers have less experience dealing with driver fatigue than older drivers, resulting in more car accidents.

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