Attorney-Client Privilege and Its Exceptions

Did you know that your communications with an attorney are usually privileged?  The attorney-client privilege is the oldest privileged in American and English law.  It protects confidential information given by a client to an attorney in the course of an attorney-client relationship from disclosure, even to the court.  It exists to foster truthfulness and confidence in attorney-client communications so that an attorney can give the client the best informed legal advice possible.  Once it applies, the attorney usually cannot be compelled to reveal that information, nor can he usually reveal the information voluntarily.  Therefore, it makes good sense to speak candidly with your lawyer about your car accident case.  First, the information will usually be protected.  Second, the lawyer will be able to give you accurate advice because he has all of the information. Be aware, however, that the attorney-client privilege only applies to communications given in an attorney-client relationship.  Thus, not only must the person receiving confidential information be an attorney, he must receive the information in the role as a legal advisor and be the attorney for that particular client.  And the information must be confidential.  So for example, published sports scores, or information given to a lawyer by the other side is not protected because there is no attorney-client relationship and because the information is not confidential.  Similarly, information given to the judge for a case will usually not be privileged. Be careful, however!  The privilege may be waived if the information is disclosed by the client to third parties as the law then presumes that the communication is not confidential.  Nor is it privileged if you tell the attorney that you are going to commit a crime! There are other exceptions to the attorney-client privilege. Philadelphia car accident lawyers, Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates, maintain the highest ethical and legal standards.  Feel free to communicate with them today about your car accident case! Call our law offices today at 215-567-6600 or contact us online.