Eschbach Exception- Pedestrians Have Full Tort Status!

At the Philadelphia personal injury law firm of Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates, we represent accident victims.  Just because you believe that you may be bound by the Limited Tort threshold does not mean that recovery for pain and suffering is precluded.  In L.S. v. David Eschbach,Jr., Inc., 874 A.2d 1150 (Pa. 2005), the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that Pennsylvania pedestrians injured by motor vehicles are entitled to full tort status regardless of whether their individual insurance policy elects limited tort.  The reason, per the Supreme Court, is that pedestrian accidents are not covered within the ambit of the Motor Vehicle Act.

To be certain, the Philadelphia car accident lawyers at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates recommend that you purchase Full Tort coverage. But even where you didn’t, our lawyers have had excellent results in obtaining Full Tort coverage in car accident cases where others have felt that the claims were limited by the MVFRL to economic recoveries only. Therefore, it still makes sense to call us for a free consult. Call our Philadelphia car accident law offices at 215-567-6600 for a free consultation or contact us online