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New CDC Study on the Dangers of Drowsy Driving

New CDC Study on the Dangers of Drowsy Driving



Drowsy driving is a leading cause of car accidents.  In today’s 24-hour society, Americans regularly get less sleep and have longer daily commutes.   Moreover, some medical conditions, including sleep apnea, increase a person’s risk of becoming a victim of a drowsy driving car accident.  The recent NJ truck accident case involving comedian Tracy Morgan has brought significant attention to the problem of fatigued truck drivers on our nation’s highways, including those in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

AAA reports there are 7,500 fatal car accidents annually due to drowsy driving nationwide.  A new study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides additional insights into the real dangers of drowsy driving.  According to the CDC study, four percent of American drivers report engaging in drowsy driving monthly.  This equates to one in 25 drivers being fatigued behind the wheel a least one time in the last month.

Moreover, the CDC’s report reveals the following demographic groups are most at risk for experiencing a car accident due to drowsy driving:

  • Younger male drivers under the age of 25.
  • People who go on alcoholic “binges.”  Alcohol maximizes the adverse effects of an already fatigued driver.
  • Drivers who do not wear seat belts.
  • People with sleep disorders.
  • Americans who routinely get less than five hours of sleep each night.

The study also notes that the effects of drowsy driving are far-reaching and not limited to just sleeping while behind the wheel.  The mere act of simply driving when tired increases the risk of a car accident.  A fatigued driver has decreased reaction time, inferior judgment, reduced vision and trouble processing information.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, drowsy drivers are less cautious and more prone to engage in aggressive driving behaviors.

Safety Tips for Drivers to Reduce the Chance of a Drowsy Driving Car Accident

Before getting behind the wheel drivers must ensure they have gotten enough sleep, do not engage in driving under the influence, avoid distracted driving such as texting and driving, always buckle up and discuss any sleep disorder issues with a healthcare professional.   If a driver experiences drowsy driving, exit the roadway as soon as it is safe and get some rest before driving is resumed.  That is the only safe way to avoid a drowsy driving car accident.

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