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Car Seat Safety in the Winter

Parents want to protect their children more than anything else. Some parents may not realize that certain car seat practices in the winter are putting children at risk if they are not dressed properly in a car seat. Additionally, parents should be aware that it is best to keep children rear-facing for as long as possible, since an accident can have a greater impact on the neck and spine when children are under age three. Car seat straps should be[…] Read More

Pennsylvania Approves Work Zone Cameras

Pennsylvania motorists now have another reason to slow down while driving through highway construction zones. As of October 2018, speed cameras were approved by the state, and will be allowed in active work areas on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and interstate highways. The new law, Senate Bill 172, was approved by Governor Tom Wolf. There will be a five-year long program to start, and its supporters say that it will be beneficial for highway workers. It also specifies that two signs[…] Read More

Better Headlights Could Lower Pedestrian Accidents

A recent statement from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) found that better headlight systems on cars could reduce pedestrian accidents.  Although there are other factors at play in the recent spike among pedestrian fatalities in accidents with automobiles, headlights were among the major factors. It is important to note that from 2007 to 2016, the number of people fatally injured in automobile crashes fell about 14 percent, but the number of pedestrian fatalities rose 27 percent. The NTSB went[…] Read More

Halloween Safety

Halloween is such a special time of year for children and adults. When Halloween or your town’s designated day for trick-or-treating finally arrives, it is such an exciting event. Parents must also be aware of the safety hazards and concerns that accompany this day. The National Safety Council tracks safety statistics regarding injuries and fatalities related to motor vehicle accidents. Parents should know that on Halloween, children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car than[…] Read More

Philadelphia Neighborhoods Tackle Traffic-Related Fatalities

With busy city streets of Philadelphia often come speeding cars and relentless traffic. Bicyclists and pedestrians commonly fight for a safe space on and across the roads, carefully maneuvering from one point to another. Often, cyclists must choose between riding next to zooming cars without so much as a bike lane or riding on sidewalks and swerving around parked vehicles and pedestrians. While you may believe that these populated neighborhoods are the ones most likely to see the greatest number[…] Read More

Securing Car Seats Saves Lives

Parents believe they are doing the right thing when they buy the most complex car seat for their child. They may even research the seat that has the highest safety rating. What some parents may not realize is that even the safest car seat may not be as safe if they are not installed properly. If parents install a car seat properly, it can reduce a child’s risk of injury by 70 percent. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention[…] Read More

NHTSA Acts to Shut Down Autopilot Buddy

Technology is evolving every day and helps make our world easier, faster, and more efficient. However, not all technological advances are positive. Tesla currently uses an Autopilot driver-assistance program, and owners of Tesla vehicles have been using this system in potentially dangerous ways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ordered several companies that own and sell Autopilot Buddy to stop selling the device. Autopilot Buddy, used in conjunction with Autopilot, can be extremely dangerous for the driver and others[…] Read More

Avoiding Collisions Between Bicycles and Cars

In the Philadelphia area, motorists may not be used to seeing bicyclists on the road in the colder months as much as they do during the summer months.  Motorists need to be more aware of bicyclists on the road, but bicyclists should also take precautions to avoid potential accidents with cars. Bicyclists have the most incentive to take precaution since a cyclist is more likely to suffer greater injury than the motorist. The following are tips for bicyclists to practice[…] Read More

Ridesharing Without Car Seats for Children

In Pennsylvania, children aged eight and under are required to be restrained in a car seat when riding in a vehicle. This includes if the child is riding in an Uber, Lyft, or another ridesharing vehicle. A recent study has highlighted ridesharing vehicles failing to use car seats when transporting children. Riding in a properly-fitting car seat or booster seat greatly reduces injury to children in the event of a car accident. First responders who have witnessed the aftermath of[…] Read More

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

In recent years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a marked increase in the number of fatal car accidents in the United States. In fact, that number increased between 2014 to 2016 by 14 percent. This was the largest increase in 53 years. The best way to handle an accident is ensuring that all passengers are wearing seat belts. Seat belts save lives when they are worn properly. This is especially true for children under the age[…] Read More