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Motorcycle Safety Tips

When spring and summer are in full bloom, motorcyclists dust off their bikes and head out on the road. Before hitting the open road, motorcyclists and motor vehicle drivers should be aware of safety tips that could prevent fatal accidents. Safety Tips for Motor Vehicle Drivers Regarding Motorcycles Motorists should first be aware that when the weather is warm, more motorcycles will be on the road and they should be aware that motorcycles could be in their blind spots since[…] Read More

Fall Motorcycle Safety

There is nothing a motorcyclist loves more than going on a leisurely ride during pleasant weather. Summertime is perfect for motorcycles, but fall has perks of its own. Motorcyclists enjoy the colorful scenery as they breathe in the cool, crisp air. Whether it is the summertime or fall, motorcyclists must keep one thing in mind. Safety is the top priority and they must follow certain precautions to remain safe on the road. Wear the Right Helmet Fall weather means long[…] Read More

Head Injuries from a Motorcycle Accident

When a vehicle accident occurs, Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyers report that motorcyclists are four times more likely to be injured than passengers in a car. This data is according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The NHTSA also reports that on a per mile basis, motorcyclists are 16 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries than passengers in a car. These risks are related to the lack of protection while riding on a motorcycle. They are also related[…] Read More

Anti-Lock Brakes & Motorcycles

In 2017, it would be difficult to find a car that does not have an anti-lock brake system (ABS), but what about motorcycles? You may be surprised to know that although this technology is available, many motorcycles today are made without anti-lock brakes. Philadelphia personal injury attorneys explain why anti-lock brakes on motorcycles may be the smartest feature you demand when shopping for a bike. Some riders may argue that anti-lock brakes take away from the experience of riding a[…] Read More

May is Motorcycle Safety Month

Spring is here, and that means that the weather is starting to warm up in the Philadelphia area. This is the time of year when thousands of motorcyclists in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States take their motorcycles out of the garage and hit the open road. But while you are out on the roadway, whether you are in a car or riding a motorcycle, it is important to remember that motorcycles are more susceptible to accidents than cars due[…] Read More