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Philadelphia Neighborhoods Tackle Traffic-Related Fatalities

With busy city streets of Philadelphia often come speeding cars and relentless traffic. Bicyclists and pedestrians commonly fight for a safe space on and across the roads, carefully maneuvering from one point to another. Often, cyclists must choose between riding next to zooming cars without so much as a bike lane or riding on sidewalks and swerving around parked vehicles and pedestrians. While you may believe that these populated neighborhoods are the ones most likely to see the greatest number[…] Read More

Avoiding Collisions Between Bicycles and Cars

In the Philadelphia area, motorists may not be used to seeing bicyclists on the road in the colder months as much as they do during the summer months.  Motorists need to be more aware of bicyclists on the road, but bicyclists should also take precautions to avoid potential accidents with cars. Bicyclists have the most incentive to take precaution since a cyclist is more likely to suffer greater injury than the motorist. The following are tips for bicyclists to practice[…] Read More

Bicycle Safety Tips

A beautiful day for a bike ride can turn into a nightmare if the cyclist and a motor vehicle collide. Cyclists have little protection from this type of impact, so the results may prove fatal or cause serious, permanent injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), cyclists account for two percent of all traffic fatalities and injuries within a year. Many automobile drivers simply do not know much about road safety rules when it comes to cyclists.[…] Read More