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Philadelphia Neighborhoods Tackle Traffic-Related Fatalities

Philadelphia Neighborhoods Tackle Traffic-Related Fatalities

With busy city streets of Philadelphia often come speeding cars and relentless traffic. Bicyclists and pedestrians commonly fight for a safe space on and across the roads, carefully maneuvering from one point to another. Often, cyclists must choose between riding next to zooming cars without so much as a bike lane or riding on sidewalks and swerving around parked vehicles and pedestrians. While you may believe that these populated neighborhoods are the ones most likely to see the greatest number of fatalities due to cars, you would be wrong.

Study Shows that Center City May Not be the Most Important Focus

From 2013 to 2017, over 56,630 crashes were reported in Philadelphia, fatally injuring 474 people. According to the Bicycle Coalition, as of July 22, car accidents have fatally injured 56 individuals. This includes interstate fatalities that are not counted by PennDot. This five-year study found that during this period, the likelihood of someone being fatally injured in a traffic crash was almost three times higher in North Philadelphia as opposed to Center City. The higher fatal crash rates occurred in West Philadelphia and the surrounding communities.

The study is clearly indicative of the fact that safety must be focused on more than just Center City. However, Center City is extremely important regarding maintaining street safety, as it consists of a very high concentration of traffic, businesses, pedestrians, and public transit.

New Program Aims to Tackle Traffic-Related Fatalities

In a city ranked as one of the worst large American metropolises for street safety, Mayor Jim Kenney has taken large strides to eliminate traffic-related fatalities. In Sept. 2017, he introduced a three-year plan to implement the program, Vision Zero, which aims to help remove traffic-related fatalities in Philadelphia.

Roosevelt Boulevard, which sees about 90,000 vehicles a day, posts higher speed limits, and cuts through densely populated neighborhoods in northeastern Philadelphia, is a great contributing factor to an increase in traffic fatalities. Luckily, the boulevard has its own initiative and is the subject of a $5 million study to find safe solutions.

This year the city has implemented some helpful changes. A second crew has been added to the city’s paving operation, while city trucks are being equipped with side guards and 360-degree cameras. Additionally, the installations of speed cushions on neighborhood roads are helpful for managing speeding traffic outside of the city’s core.

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