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Anti-Lock Brakes & Motorcycles

Anti-Lock Brakes & Motorcycles

In 2017, it would be difficult to find a car that does not have an anti-lock brake system (ABS), but what about motorcycles? You may be surprised to know that although this technology is available, many motorcycles today are made without anti-lock brakes. Philadelphia personal injury attorneys explain why anti-lock brakes on motorcycles may be the smartest feature you demand when shopping for a bike.

Some riders may argue that anti-lock brakes take away from the experience of riding a motorcycle. Yet, a front-wheel lock up on a motorcycle will almost certainly result in a crash if the unexpected happens. Anti-lock brakes can do the work that is impossible for a motorcycle driver to do: brake pressure can be adjusted up to 10 times per second with ABS. Additionally, ABS on a bike will only engage when needed. This happens when something unexpected occurs.

Braking on a motorcycle is much more complex than braking with a car, all the more reason why ABS is helpful. Motorcycles have separate brake controls for the front and rear wheels. This means that during braking, either wheel can easily lock up. With a car, a brake lock-up results in skidding. With a motorcycle a brake lock-up usually results in a serious or fatal fall for the rider.

Some studies show that on test tracks, both new and experienced motorcycle drivers stop more quickly with ABS brakes and stopping distances improve under dry and wet conditions. Additionally, in 2013, there were 31 percent less insurance claims involving motorcycles that had ABS with combined controls that affect both wheels. There has also been some correlation with fewer fatal crashes.

If you are in the market for a new motorcycle, whether you are experienced or a novice, the research shows that ABS brakes will not impede the enjoyment one seeks when riding a bike. ABS brakes may not only lower your motorcycle insurance premiums, but it will also reduce your risk of an accident and potentially, your liability in case of an accident.

In Europe, ABS on motorcycles is already mandatory. It is a technology, akin to helmets and safety belts, that can save lives. Research shows that braking distances are reduced with anti-lock brakes and this puts less mental strain and stress on the driver. This in turn, improves performance. The ABS brakes make up for any inevitable human deficiencies by the driver, especially in emergency instances such as when the driver in front brakes suddenly and unexpectedly or an animal appears.

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