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Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

Halloween is such a special time of year for children and adults. When Halloween or your town’s designated day for trick-or-treating finally arrives, it is such an exciting event. Parents must also be aware of the safety hazards and concerns that accompany this day.

The National Safety Council tracks safety statistics regarding injuries and fatalities related to motor vehicle accidents. Parents should know that on Halloween, children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car than any other day of the year. Additionally, if you and your children are celebrating the holiday on a different day, it is also good to know that the month of October ranks the second highest month for motor vehicle fatalities, following July for the worst month. When it comes to motor vehicle fatalities, about 18 percent of those fatalities occurred when children and adults improperly crossed streets or intersections.

Safety Tips on Halloween

Halloween is a popular evening to celebrate for children but also for teens and young adults. Parents of new drivers should have a conversation about the hazards that are present on Halloween and to take extra caution driving in neighborhoods. Teens and young adults should be aware that young children may be wearing dark clothing and to take extra care entering driveways and alleyways.  Children may also be on medians and curbs. New drivers may be discouraged from driving on Halloween or the evening that your town permits trick or treating.

Young children should trick or treat with adults, and older children should understand safety rules if they go out alone. Children should not enter the homes of other people if an adult is not present. Children should also not eat homemade candy if it is made by a stranger. Adults and children should carry flashlights to reduce the likelihood of falling or injuring themselves on sidewalks or the driveways of neighbors. Carrying a flashlight may also help make pedestrians more visible to motorists. Costumes should also be reviewed for safety. Wigs should be fire resistant and masks should not obstruct vision. This reduces the chance for accidents related to costumes.

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