Halloween Safety Tips to Make the Holiday Less Scary

It’s not often that drivers have to be on the lookout for ghosts running across the street, or goblins darting out in front of vehicles, but Halloween brings out all kinds of characters that present a multitude of safety hazards.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), drivers are four times more likely to have an automobile accident involving a child on Halloween than at any other time.  Children walking and running through neighborhoods at night, distracted drivers, and parents trying to keep an eye on their children while following in their car can have a potentially catastrophic result.  With a few reminders and tips, your child’s Halloween experience can be a safe and enjoyable one.

Parents and their children venturing out on Halloween need to be extra vigilant when driving or walking throughout neighboring communities.  Drivers using cell phones present the biggest danger to everyone.  If you need to use the phone, pull over, shut off your car, and stay parked until you are finished with your call or text.  Pay close attention to intersections, crosswalks, and corners where trick or treaters may dart out unexpectedly.  Be aware of children who may be walking on the curb or between parked cars.  Drive under the recommended speed limit to ensure you have time to stop suddenly if needed.

Putting reflective tape or decorations on your child’s costume or treat bag can make them more visible to motorists.  Carrying a flashlight or glow stick can also help drivers see your child at night.  Talk to your children about their responsibility to obey safety rules when crossing the street and remind them to look several times before stepping off the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, Halloween can also bring out real life menaces in the form of child predators.  Stay close to your child or walk with them from house to house to ensure their safety.  If your child is older, remind them never to talk to strangers and avoid going close to cars that call them over for directions or help.  Also remind your child to look closely at what appears to be your family vehicle.  Putting a decoration or balloon on your car’s antenna or dashboard can make your vehicle more identifiable to your youngster.

Most communities mandate specific trick or treating hours.  Adhere to these times for your safety and that of your children.  Do not open your doors once you go home after the curfew hour, and carefully inspect your child’s goody bag before they eat anything.  Above all else, have fun while creating some very special memories.

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