Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Report on Fatal Truck Accident in Berks County

A tractor trailer was the cause of a fatal multi-vehicle accident in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  The horrific big rig accident occurred midweek in late November, during the early morning commuting hours in Maidencreek Township.  Several cars involved in the crash overturned while other surviving motorists were trapped in their cars between the big rig and a large Dunkin Donuts sign.

Drowsy driving is the reported cause of the fatal truck accident.  The truck driver fell asleep at the wheel of the big rig which swerved into oncoming traffic and crashed into several cars stopped at a traffic light along Route 222.   In total, ten cars were involved in the multi-vehicle truck accident.  In addition to the two fatalities, nine other victims were injured in the crash.

The impact of the big rig claimed the lives of two victims, the first motorist to be hit by the tractor trailer and the last motorist struck by the 18-wheeler.  The fact that the driver was speeding prior to falling asleep at the wheel contributed to the severity of the truck accident.

Initial reports indicate that the truck driver was early in his shift and well within his allowable driving schedule.  Nonetheless, the truck driver has been criminally charged as a result of the big rig accident.  He is facing two counts of homicide by vehicle, nine counts of aggravated assault while driving, two counts of involuntary manslaughter, in addition to other traffic violations.

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