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Middle Age Drivers who Text While Driving at Increased Risk for Car Accidents

Middle Age Drivers who Text While Driving at Increased Risk for Car Accidents

Car accidents continue to be the primary cause of injury and death in the United States.  There are many causes of car accidents, but a high percentage of accidents occur due to driver negligence. Common distracted driving behaviors that people engage in include drunk driving, distracted driving, and aggressive driving.

Researchers continue to conduct studies on the impact of using technology while driving. A recent study published in Accident Analysis and Prevention discussed how texting could be more challenging for middle aged drivers than younger drivers.  Study researchers assert that the study was not intended to promote texting while driving, but to inform the public that an increased number of middle aged drivers are texting.  Moreover, research shows that texting in particular increases the risk of car accidents for middle aged drivers.

The study tested a range of drivers between the ages of 18-59 using a sequence of computerized road tests to assess how texting affected their driving ability. The participants were diverse in their texting abilities, ranging from limited ability to  those more proficient at texting.  Proficiency was assessed by the participant’s  ability to text using a single hand, two hands, or finding the keys with one finger.

The participants were divided into four categories according to their age and were asked to operate a driving simulator. The participants of the study drove for a half hour on a simulated country road with no oncoming traffic and no stop lights. They were asked to engage in text conversation using one hand while driving between 50-60 miles an hour.

According to the study, over two-thirds of the drivers in the study crossed into the other lane where there would be oncoming traffic, or traveled onto the shoulder. Half of those with proficient texting skills committed these lane violations. The study revealed that almost all drivers in the age range of 45-59 made driving mistakes.  The study discovered that the percentage of driving errors while texting increased with the age of the participants.

Researchers were surprised at the results because past research conducted on distracted driving revealed that older drivers could manage distractions better than younger drivers. A vital take away point from this study suggests that older drivers should not feel that they can manage texting while driving just because they are experienced drivers. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, texting at any age is dangerous and greatly increases the chances of being involved in a serious car accident. Currently, most of the campaigns aimed at preventing texting while driving are targeted towards a younger age group.  This study exposed the need to reach out and educate older drivers on the dangers as well.

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