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Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

Recent news headlines feature an increased number of road rage incidents across the nation.  The expression “aggressive driving” developed in the 1990s to describe dangerous behavior exhibited by drivers on the road. Aggressive driving can be described as tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, and failure to stop at stop lights or stop signs.  This type of behavior can intensify and lead to yelling at another motorist, confrontation, physical assault and in worst case scenarios, murder.

The difference between aggressive driving and road rage is that aggressive driving can result in a traffic offense, while road rage is a criminal offense.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration almost 1,500 individuals have died in road rage and aggressive driving accidents since 2008. Reports state that the police are taking a more active role to address the problem of aggressive driving on the nation’s roadways.

Causes of Road Rage

Experts suggest that various theories and factors are responsible for the increased number of road rage incidents. One of the most repeatedly mentioned factors that instigates road rage is traffic congestion. When drivers become impatient with traffic delays, drivers begin to tailgate, change lanes often, and become agitated with other drivers on the road.

When individuals are running late to appointments, work, school, or any other type of commitment, some drivers have a tendency to begin to drive in an aggressive manner.  Some experts also believe that a driver’s sense of anonymity within their vehicle leads them to behave in a manner which is uncommon in other social settings. Many drivers believe that they will not be seen again by those that they offend on the road.

Some other causes of road rage experts discuss is a clear disregard for others and the law. Some experts feel that consideration and respect for authority has been declining in society throughout the years. Drivers who exhibit road rage or aggressive driving have learned to drive in this manner and feel that it is an appropriate way to behave while driving.  This could be an indication that there is a bigger underlying issue.

Law enforcement officials encourage drivers who are confronted by someone driving aggressively to slow down and let the aggressive driver go past. If the aggressive driver continues to pursue or becomes violent, police advise victims of road rage to call 911 for assistance and remain on the phone until the situation is resolved, or the aggressive driver drives away.

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