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Teen Safe Driving Summit 

Teen Safe Driving Summit 

Educating teen drivers on the dangers of texting while driving is an invaluable lesson they need before they are driving independently. A teen safe driving event was recently sponsored by State Farm Insurance and was presented by the State Department of Transportation, Southwest Regional Traffic Safety Network, AAA East Penn Central and other agencies. Teenage drivers from several area Pennsylvania high-schools had a chance to experience a cutting-edge virtual reality simulator to understand the impact electronic devices have on their ability to stay focused on the road.  During the workshop, teen drivers also learned about the importance of wearing seatbelts, as well as refraining from drugs and alcohol while driving.

During the safety event, teen drivers were able to use the Aware TXT driving simulator. This technology allowed students to sit behind the wheel of a car while the simulator used sensors to simulate real driving.  The drivers were able to operate the steering wheel, gas and brake pedals while attempting to text with their cellphones. The exercise enabled students to fully understand the dangers of texting while driving without risking their safety. Many students were surprised that the experience was so realistic.  In addition, they were shocked how texting distracted them from focusing on the road. Some students reported crossing over lines in the road and also crashing in the simulator.

Safety press coordinator for PennDOT’s District 12, Jay Ofsanik, shared how this was the first time the Aware TXT driving simulator was used in Pennsylvania. The stimulator allowed students to watch on large TV screens as their peers used the simulator. This provided them with additional understanding about the dangers of distracted driving. Ofsanik hopes that allowing teen drivers to take part in this safe driving event will positively affect their behavior and increase their safety on the road. Moreover, a representative from Southwest Regional Traffic Safety Network believes this was great opportunity for these students since many schools around the region have reduced driving education budgets and no longer offer driver education classes.

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