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Teen Drivers Pose a Threat

Teen Drivers Pose a Threat

A new study released by AAA has determined that not only are teenage drivers a risk to themselves and their passengers, but to all other drivers and their passengers. Study results showed that two-thirds of people injured or killed during a crash that involved a teen driver were not the teen driver. All drivers on the road and their passengers are at an increased risk for car accident injuries when teens get behind the wheel and feel they are infallible, often driving while distracted.

Due to inexperience and distracted driving, it is no surprise that teens have higher car accident rates than other drivers. With that being said, when a teen crashes they are not only putting themselves in danger, they are threatening the lives of others. For this reason, it is crucial to educate teens and set standards to lower the risk of teen car accidents. In 2013, roughly 3,000 people were involved in fatal teen car accidents, while around 400,000 were injured.

Dangerous Teen Car Accidents

It is believed that the main contributor of teen car accidents is distracted driving with 11% of all car accidents attributed to this dangerous driving behavior. AAA has revealed studies that show six out of ten of the most dangerous teen car accidents are due to distractions such as having too many passengers in their vehicle. Teen drivers who have passengers in their cars under the age of 21 have an increased risk of being involved in a serious or fatal car crash; and as the number of passengers under 21 increases, so does the risk.

With teen passengers playing a major role in causing teen crashes, many states have implemented legislations which give junior licenses to young drivers which set standards of a limited number of passengers under 21, as well as established curfews. Although teen drivers are still at high risk for car accidents, the past 20 years of data regarding teen crashes and fatal teen crashes has plummeted by more than 50 percent; however, there is still a long way to go to reduce teen accidents.

Education is key, therefore parents must take the initiative and allow their children to practice driving as much as possible before hitting the roads by themselves. Showing teens the bleak facts of the dangers of teen driving can help them humble and alert while on the road. With summer right around the corner, more teens will be hitting the roadway, so it is crucial that we try and keep them as safe as possible.

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