Thanksgiving Travel Safety

The busiest travel days of the year are fast approaching as people prepare to visit families and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday. While traveling by car will save many people money and remove the hassles of public transportation, heavily traveled roads are sure to pose additional challenges for drivers, making it necessary to take extra precaution.

A carefully planned trip helps make travel run smoothly and aids in creating safe experiences for drivers and their passengers, which can lead to car accidents or close calls on the road. Drivers should check the weather forecasts before leaving and allot time for travel accordingly. Planning routes that avoid heavily traveled highways whenever possible can also prove beneficial. When traveling during winter weather conditions, blankets and first aid kits should be in the vehicle in case of emergencies, such as a broken down car or needing to pull over for an extended period of time.

A simple way to prepare for a trip to see your loved ones this holiday season is to maintain your car. If you are traveling a far distance, it is good sense to change your oil before embarking as the mechanics will also check other aspects of your vehicle, such as fluid levels. Ensuring your brake lights and other accessories are working properly will also help for a safer trip.

While everyone wants to get where they are going quickly, and feel the need to check in with the members of your family you are traveling to, make sure to adhere to basic traffic laws. Putting your cellphone away will remove distractions from an already hectic trip. Taking regular breaks for longer trips will also help stay alert, while also giving you a chance to check your phone when away from the wheel.

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