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Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers: Drowsy Driving is Similar to Drunk Driving

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers: Drowsy Driving is Similar to Drunk Driving

Car accidents in Philadelphia and around the country are occurring more frequently as a result of driving while drowsy. Studies show that drivers who only get four to five hours of sleep, as opposed to seven, are four times more likely to have an accident.

A recent study by AAA shows that over one-third of drivers admit to driving while they have difficulty keeping their eyes open and staying awake. A tell-tale sign of an accident caused by drowsiness is when there are no skid marks or evidence that the impaired driver had hit the brakes right before the accident.

Those most at risk for accidents while driving drowsy are teenagers, older adults, and people with sleep debt. People with “sleep debt” are oftentimes those who work the night-shift or have irregular sleep patterns. The AAA study also showed that one out of every five fatal crashes involves someone who has not slept enough the night before the crash.

The study also showed that people were twice as likely to have an accident with only five to six hours of sleep, and this statistic increases greatly with each hour of sleep missed. With only four to five hours of sleep, the person is four times as likely to have a crash. With fewer than four hours of sleep, the driver is 12 times as likely to have a car accident.

Parents Do Not Warn Young Drivers

The AAA pointed out that there is a severe lack of awareness regarding the dangers of driving while drowsy. Although parents may educate their children regarding the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and they may teach their children not to text and drive, driving while drowsy is not a regular topic of conversation among parents and teens.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates Can Help You if You Have Been Injured by a Drowsy Driver

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