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Childhood Brain Injuries Cause Structural Changes in the Brain

Childhood Brain Injuries Cause Structural Changes in the Brain

Traumatic brain injuries are the leading cause of disability among children. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for a child to suffer from a fall or a car accident that results in head trauma and prolonged, lingering brain damage. As the fight to understand the nature of traumatic brain injuries progresses, scientists have discovered the ways that a child’s brain injury causes structural changes in the brain. These structural changes may actually prove to be beneficial toward brain injury research, making it easier to identify those patients who will require a longer recovery.

The Science Behind the Study

The study found that children who had a longer information transfer time between the two brain hemispheres had widespread areas of white matter disorganized, along with a progressive loss of white matter volume. The disruption is made more intense since the brain is still maturing. The process of myelination – in which myelin, the insulation that allows for information transfer, develops – continues beyond age 30. The study found that children who took more than 18 milliseconds to transfer information between their brain hemispheres had a more difficult time recovering from traumatic brain injury than others with similar afflictions.

The white matter readings can potentially work as a sort of indicator, which will help doctors to determine the extent of a brain injury and the seriousness of it. If these structural changes are found in a child with a brain injury, then the doctors will be far more aware of the steps to take moving forward. They will be able to make a more detailed and effective recovery plan, and will have a greater understanding of the long-term issues that may arise from the injury. Doctors may be able to develop interventions that can help outside of the hospital.

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