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Improving Roadway Design Can Reduce Accidents

Improving Roadway Design Can Reduce Accidents

Unsafe roadways, combined with driver error, are the cause of many motor vehicle accidents. The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) provides recommendations to local and state government agencies on how to improve roads to decrease accidents. The FHA recommendations include:

  • Rumble strips: These strips, installed on center lines and shoulders, warn drivers with a vibration when they cross a lane. This occurs when the vehicle’s tires meet the strip. Rumble strip installation has significantly reduced the number of head-on collisions and sideswiping after placement. Whether the strips are placed on urban or rural roads, they reduce the number of vehicles driving off the road.
  • Roundabouts: Roundabouts reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents by 87 percent, as traffic momentarily slows to a crawl when a vehicle uses the roundabout.
  • Better turning lanes: Too many intersections become congested with drivers making left and right-hand turns, creating dangerous situations. Well-designed, multiple-turning lanes improve traffic flow while reducing driver corrections substantially. Good turning lanes at busy intersections can reduce collisions by 55 percent.
  • Extending yellow lights on traffic signals: Resetting traffic signals so the yellow light can stay on for one second longer can reduce the number of vehicles running red lights. The number of accidents caused by vehicles running red lights is very high. Extending yellow light duration can help reduce accidents.

Better Road Utilization

In addition to improving unsafe roadways, there are also ways to improve traffic patterns. Reducing the number of vehicles on the road at any one time can lessen the number of accidents. State departments of transportation can put forth recommendations designed to reduce traffic. Other ways to better utilize roadways and cut down on accidents include:

  • Rush hour lane expansion: Adding extra lanes during rush hour not only improve traffic flow, but aid in merging and deceleration.
  • Real-time traffic updates: Drivers should know to avoid certain areas if an accident or other event is causing traffic. The expansion of real-time updates from a GPS can help drivers find alternative routes to avoid traffic congestion.
  • Expanding park and ride options: Presenting commuters with more opportunities to park their vehicles to ride a train, bus, or car-pooling with friends, can result in thousands of cars avoiding traffic.

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