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Slip and Fall Accidents at Restaurants

Slip and Fall Accidents at Restaurants

Slip and fall accidents can occur in restaurants due to negligence on part of the restaurant owner. Restaurants should do everything in their power to ensure safety to avoid accidents that injure customers. Slip and fall accidents are cause for premises liability lawsuits. This liability happens when an accident occurs on a property where the owner was negligent to uphold reasonable care.

Restaurants Must Maintain Floors

Restaurants can take precautions to avoid slip and fall accidents by laying down mats at the entrance of the restaurant when the weather displays rain or snow. This will reduce the amount of water and grease that is tracked into the restaurant by customers. The presence of water and grease on the floor of a restaurant is a major factor in determining who or what entity was at fault of the accident. Restaurants can also offer umbrella bags to reduce the amount of liquid that is tracked in by customers.

Restaurants can use a floor cleaner that also provides traction to avoid situations where the floor might turn slippery with liquid. When mopping, restaurant employees must be sure that the water is clean. A bucket that keeps clean and dirty water separate is ideal and could prevent floors from becoming more slippery if a dirty mop is merely pushing dirty water around instead of cleaning the floor.

Bathrooms and Kitchen Maintenance

Customers must also be aware of any moisture on the floor in the bathroom, which could cause another slip and fall accident. Restaurants should place hand towels near sinks to avoid water spilling onto the floor. Bathrooms should be checked by an employee every hour to avoid the presence of other potential hazards. In the kitchen, the presence and maintenance of non-slip mats is extremely important. The mats must be in good working order. Cleaning agents and time can wear down the effectiveness of these highly-specialized mats.


Restaurants should take extra safety precautions in areas where there are stairs or a change in floor levels. Restaurants should place obvious signage around the premises to alert people of the change. If a host or hostess sees that a customer has limited mobility, they should offer to help the person. This can benefit the restaurant’s bottom line and avoid potential accidents. Good visibility is crucially important as dark lighting or obstruction of a customer’s view can cause or contribute to a slip and fall accident.

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