In the matter of David Beauchamp v. V&V Jewelry, LLC d/b/a We Buy Gold, Vered Miller, et al, Superior Court of NJ, Burlington County Law Division, Docket No. BUR-L-1659-11, the Gompers firm successfully defended a Jeweler and its owner against a frivolous claim brought by David Beauchamp. Beauchamp claims that he brought a gold chain into the jewelry store to be tested with acid for quality of the gold. According to Beauchamp, the chain was tested and then returned to him causing allegedly severe burns to his neck. The Plaintiff’s attorney issued a $40,000.00 settlement demand.

The case was to be tried before a jury in Burlington County. Prior to the case commencing, Gompers filed several Preliminary Motions which resulted in a dismissal of the Plaintiff’s claim against the business’ proprietor, Vered Miller. Gompers argued that Miller had no personal liability for the alleged acts of her employees. The Court agreed.

Additionally, the Court agreed that the Plaintiff’s attorney failed to provide an adequate expert witness report in order to link the alleged injuries to the alleged incident as no expert tested the content of the alleged acid in question. The Court concluded therefore, that photographs of the alleged injury were not admissible.

Following the issuance of these two Orders, the Court advised the Plaintiff’s attorney that he was only allowed to have his client testify that he felt a slight burn upon placing the chain on his neck.

Following these rulings, Plaintiff’s demand dropped from $40,000.00 to $1,000.00. With the Court’s intervention, the Matter resolved for $400.00 from what was originally a $40,000.00 demand.