Veterans at Increased Risk for Car Accidents

One of the United States largest car insurance carriers recently released a new study based on the driving records of U.S troops returning home from active duty. The study revealed that men and women in the armed forces face a significantly increased risk at being involved in an at-fault auto accident. Many veterans survive war zones because they employ driving behaviors while deployed that aid them in avoiding injuries; however, when they return home they find it difficult to adjust to everyday driving rules and practices and, according to the statistics, are involved in more auto accidents. The Philadelphia auto accident lawyers at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates recognize that attention to this increased risk is necessary to prevent car crashes involving military veterans and to avoid the resulting personal injuries.

Factors that Affect the Increase in Car Accidents

The study reported a 13 percent increase in at-fault car accidents during the first six months after troops in all areas of the armed forces return home. However, the branch, the soldier’s age, the number of times deployed and the duration of the deployments affect who is likely to be at an increased risk. A further break down of the analyzed data showed that the greatest increase of at-fault car crashes was among Army veterans. Marines had the next highest increase, while Navy and Air Force members showed minimal increases. At-fault auto accidents drastically increased for troops who have been deployed numerous times and for those troops that had prolonged deployments. The study also showed that military personnel under the age of 22 had more auto accidents than those over the age of 30. Losing control of a vehicle and unfamiliar objects in the road were reported by troops as being the major cause for car accidents.

Post-Deployment Anxiety to Blame for Auto Accident Increase

University of Minnesota researchers contributed to the study by researching behaviors that cause returning servicemen and women to have at-fault auto accidents. They found that many war veterans continue to drive on public roads the same way they drove in war zones. Half of the veterans who participated in the study reported that they feel anxious when other vehicles come near them too fast or block them in. The researchers found that post-deployed military personnel drive too fast, don’t stop at intersections and assume they have the right of way. Family and friends of returning soldiers reported their perception that their military loved ones drove more dangerously after their return. Some returning soldiers admitted that the simple act of driving makes them anxious, while military troops that have never been deployed reported no anxiety.

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