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New Study Shows that Post-Accident Pain Goes Unreported and Uncompensated

New Study Shows that Post-Accident Pain Goes Unreported and Uncompensated

Pain and suffering in the weeks following a car accident often go unreported, according to a new study. Researchers at the University Of North Carolina School Of Medicine found 70% of car accident victims reported chronic musculoskeletal pain six weeks after their emergency room visit. These symptoms cause discomforting pain, but victims fear others will view them suspiciously. The end result is individuals with serious neck injuries and other debilitating pain not receiving treatment, and unfortunately, not receiving compensation to which they are entitled.

Each year, nearly four million people in the United States go to the emergency room after a car accident and 90% are released after evaluation. The study found neck injuries were common with 28% of victims exhibiting moderate or severe neck pain. Developing widespread musculoskeletal pain in seven or more body regions was reported by 13% of the individuals. Four percent reported extremely widespread pain similar to that of fibromyalgia. Victims who do not have external indicators of their pain, such as lacerations or bruising, are likely to avoid pursuing their claim due to the assumption that others will not believe them.

Only 17% of individuals in the study experiencing post-accident pain sought a legal remedy six weeks after their auto accident. The findings show that individuals who are not suing are actually suffering from persistent pain. While some victims may feel their case lacks proof, lawyers can use property damage and accident photos as evidence of the force their client’s car sustained. Researchers from the study hope the results will raise public awareness to better help individuals with musculoskeletal pain including neck injuries.

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