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Spring is in the Air and Bicyclists are on the Road

Spring is in the Air and Bicyclists are on the Road



As the warm spring weather moves in, more and more bicycles will be on the road. Now is the time for all drivers to be especially vigilant of the dangers that can exist when motor vehicles and cyclists share the road.

Many bicycle-related accidents result from vehicle’s failure to yield to a cyclist. When a driver fails to yield to a cyclist or turns left in front of an oncoming bike, a serious collision can occur between the car and the bike.

There are approximately 800-1000 cyclist deaths and 500,000 injuries related to cycling each year in the United States.  Both vehicle drivers and cyclists can act proactively to help reduce these numbers.

Drivers can:

  • Provide adequate space between their vehicle and cyclists on the road,
  • Avoid driving too close to curbs or marked bicycle lanes,
  • Always check for cyclist traffic before turning left, pulling out of driveways or opening car doors.

Cyclists can:

  • Always wait for traffic to clear before turning left or travelling through stop signs,
  • Equip their bicycles with proper lighting before riding at night or in dark conditions,
  • Ride with the flow of traffic and follow all the rules of the road,
  • Use rear view mirrors on their bikes to obtain a better view of upcoming vehicles,
  • Avoid riding too close to parked cars.

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