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July Fourth Is The Deadliest Day For Car Accidents

July Fourth Is The Deadliest Day For Car Accidents



As America prepares to celebrate its independence on the Fourth of July, many hospitals and emergency crews across the country are gearing up for what is being called the deadliest day on the highway.  According to a recent report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, July 4th has an average of 148 fatal motor vehicle accidents, which is 34 more fatalities than an average day, and eight more than New Year’s Day.   Alcohol is responsible for 41% of the July Fourth traffic deaths, compared to 31% of drunk driving car accidents on a typical day.

Experts are estimating that this July Fourth is going to see more than normal heavy traffic on the roadways. According to statistics from AAA, almost 35 million citizens will travel an average of 50 miles from home on this year’s Independence Day, with 90 % of these individuals hitting American highways by car. This is a 17 % increase since the 2009 holiday.  With this many travelers on the road, fatal accidents could rise this year.

Safety Tips to Avoid Serious and Fatal Car Accidents

In IBM’s recent  Computer Pain Study, 65% of the 8,000 plus drivers surveyed across 20 U.S. cities agreed that stop-start traffic, low speeds, unreliable directions or travel time, and aggressive drivers led to stress, anger, and reduced sleep.  Forty-two percent of those surveyed said that start and stop traffic were their biggest frustrations, while another 32 % noted that rude and aggressive drivers caused extreme stress.  Twenty-six percent attributed unexpected travel delays to their aggravation.  Driver frustration combined with alcohol consumption on a high risk travel day increases the potential for auto accident injuries.

Following simple traffic safety precautions can greatly reduce your risk of being involved in a deadly accident.  AAA suggests that motorists ensure that their vehicle is well maintained by checking the battery as well as the water, oil, tire pressure before heading out on the road.  Drivers should be well rested so that they are alert when driving in heavy traffic.  Designating an alcohol-free driver for celebrations can greatly reduce your risk of a serious drunk driving accident.

The timing of your trip is also vital to safety.  Arriving at your destination a day ahead of the holiday, and leaving for home the day after the Fourth will help you avoid the greatest risks when traffic is at its peak.

The Car Accident Attorneys at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates in Philadelphia help Victims of Claim Compensation

Despite drivers taking safety precautions when traveling on the roadways during heavy holiday traffic, accidents still happen.  Some are serious, and some even fatal, each leaving the victims and their families with devastating personal injuries.  If you or someone you know is involved in a car accident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, the experienced automobile accident attorneys at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates can help you claim the justice and compensation that you are entitled to under the law.

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