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Tips to Prevent Thanksgiving Holiday Car Accidents

Tips to Prevent Thanksgiving Holiday Car Accidents



Thanksgiving ranks as the third most dangerous holiday for road travel behind July 4th and Memorial Day.  An estimated 42.2 million drivers will travel on the nation’s roadways this upcoming holiday weekend. The increased car volume and the potential for hazardous winter weather conditions are additional reasons for drivers to drive carefully and reduce their risk of being involved in a car accident.

The American Road Team Captains, an elite professional truck drivers association, have published a list of tips to help keep drivers safe this Thanksgiving.  Follow these steps to help you and your family enjoy a happy and safe holiday.

The first step toward a safe trip begins well before you plan to set out on the road.  Prepare your vehicle for a long distance trip. Simple vehicle maintenance reduces the chance of your vehicle breaking down and putting your passengers at risk of being stranded on the side of the road.  Check your tires, windshield wipers and fluid levels, as well as the radiator and cooling systems.  Make sure to stock your car with an emergency kit that includes flares, a flashlight, a tire repair kit, a blanket, a fire extinguisher, bottled water, non-perishable food, jumper cables and maps.

Once your vehicle is in good repair and properly stocked, there are additional steps you should take before you set out on your holiday travels. Check the weather report and prepare for poor weather conditions. Be familiar with your route and leave early; giving yourself a time cushion will allow you to drive more safely and avoid speeding.

Another important safety tip is that everyone in the vehicle, driver and passengers, buckle up.  Seat belts reduce the risk of a fatal car accident by 75%. Moreover, driver distractions must be avoided.  Keep your eyes on the road and stay focused; distracted driving is a major cause of traffic accidents.  If you need to use your cell phone, pull off the road to a safe location.

Obey the speed limits and drive slower in poor weather conditions. Speeding is even more dangerous when coupled with the congestion of holiday traffic or wet and icy weather.  Keeping a safe distance between your vehicle and the car ahead of you gives you the time you need to stop before colliding with the vehicle in front of you.

Even though it is a holiday, many truckers are on the highways transporting large loads and heavy cargo. Drivers of passenger cars need to take extra care when sharing the road with large trucks.    Trucks are heavier than passenger vehicles and due to their size and weight, take longer to slow down and stop.  Avoid cutting in front of large trucks because not only do trucks require more time to stop, but they are significantly less maneuverable due to their size.

Another thing to consider when dealing with large trucks is to be aware of a truck’s blind spot.  If you cannot see the truck driver in their mirror, then he or she cannot see you.  Drivers and their passengers can avoid truck accidents when they drive safely and remain aware of other drivers and vehicles on the roadway.

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