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Higher Speeds are Risky on Icy Roads

Higher Speeds are Risky on Icy Roads

Precipitation during the winter can contribute to some of the worst car accidents throughout the country.  It has been determined that snow covered roads lead to lower car accident rates than freezing precipitation. When roads become slick, the icy surface is not always visible to a driver. Research has shown that road icing may be more threatening to an individual’s life than any other adverse weather condition while driving.

There is a need for the driving public to continue to be educated on how to safely navigate on icy roads to avoid a serious car accident.  Unfortunately, it appears that drivers have been misinformed about one critical point. Despite modern vehicle technology, investigations have shown that cars cannot safely travel on any type of icy road when traveling over the speed of 45 mph.

It is often presumed that inexperienced drivers or cars with worn tires lead to car accidents on icy roads, which sometimes is the case.  However, vehicles that are equipped with traction control, 4WD, AWD, antilock brakes, or electronic stability control continue to be involved in speeding car accidents when traveling over 45 mph when icy conditions are present.  It is misleading to assume that this type of equipment can allow drivers to maintain a speed over 45 mph and still sustain control of their vehicle.

There is no specific tread pattern or computer program that can change the central law of physics, which relates to the amount of friction between rubber and ice.  According to research, it appears that the only way to mitigate the possibility of a car accident on an icy road is to slow down.  When a car exceeds 45 mph it becomes extremely unstable and could enter a sequence of events that leads the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

A car still has the potential to lose control when traveling at speeds below 45 mph when ice is present, but the consequences are likely to be less detrimental.  It is vital that the driving public understands the need to drive slowly in icy conditions and is educated about the potential hazards when ice is present on the road.

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