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Moving a Vehicle after an Accident

Moving a Vehicle after an Accident

Even a minor car accident can be extremely upsetting.  It is important for drivers to remain calm and follow the law after being involved in a car accident. These important guidelines ensure compliance and protection for individuals involved in Philadelphia car accidents.

Stop at the Scene

Pennsylvania state law requires drivers to stop at the scene of an accident when they are involved in a car crash including collisions resulting in bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, bus accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents.  Drivers must stop and stay at the scene to exchange pertinent information and provide reasonable assistance to anyone injured in the accident.

When to Move a Vehicle

 If the vehicle can be driven and there are no injuries or fatalities, the vehicle must be removed from driving lanes as quickly as possible.  Drivers involved in minor car accidents should move their cars to the closest safe area, which could be the shoulder of the road or a nearby parking lot.  Moving the vehicle to a safer location can help avoid a secondary collision and will also prevent causing a traffic jam.

In contrast, if a vehicle is not drivable due to damage or there are injuries, it is safer for those involved in the car accident to remain seat belted in their car and call 911 for assistance. It is always a sound preventative measure for drivers to engage the vehicle’s hazard lights, and place flares or safety triangles on the road to alert other drivers of the accident scene.

Exchange and Collect Information

The following data should be exchanged with the other parties involved:

  • Name
  • License number
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Name and address of the car owner
  • Insurance company and policy number

After you have collected the information from the other driver(s) and supplied your information, it is highly recommended you take pictures of the following:

  • All damage to your vehicle
  • Pictures of the other car’s damage
  • Pictures of the scene to document driving conditions

Additionally, it is important not to divulge any other information regarding the accident even if it is assumed the other party bears the majority of the fault.

File a Report

Individuals involved in car accidents in Pennsylvania are required to contact the police and/or PennDoT in certain scenarios. If someone has been injured or killed in an accident, the police must be called immediately.  Police and insurance companies recommend calling 911 in the event of any car accident so a report is on file.  It is important to note, Philadelphia police will not respond to minor car accidents where no one is injured and there is no significant damage to any surrounding property.  Additionally, PennDoT requires a report be submitted to them within five days of a Pennsylvania car accident.

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