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Pennsylvania’s “Steer Clear” Law   

Pennsylvania’s “Steer Clear” Law   

A Pennsylvania State Trooper is trying to raise awareness about the state’s “steer clear” law, which requires drivers to move to the far left lane when passing any police, emergency vehicles, or disabled motorists stopped on the side of the road. When passing in a non-adjacent lane is not possible, motorists should pass the scene at a safe speed with extreme caution.

After stepping out of his police car to retrieve a wooden pallet in the roadway, the trooper was hit by a passing SUV. Though he does not remember much about the car accident, the physical reminders of the injury still exist. The trooper endures lasting pain and walks with a cane years after the crash.

The steer clear law is nearly ten years old, but many drivers still do not know it exists. Last year, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recorded 82 crashes involving emergency vehicles parked on the side of the road. That number increased from the previous year, showing that more awareness is needed about the steer clear law.

Part of that awareness comes from news and social media campaigns. “Move Over America” is one public awareness campaign hoping to educate drivers about steer clear laws and how they protect law enforcement officers, emergency personnel, and citizens with disabled vehicles from danger. The national effort is a collaboration between several law enforcement and traffic safety organizations working together with the goal of protecting lives of emergency personnel and citizens on the roadside.

Every state has a version of the steer clear law on the books, but an increased public awareness of the laws is needed. Pennsylvania police data showed that nearly three-fourths of drivers pulled over for steer clear violations did not know about the law, yet 86 percent of the same drivers felt the law was beneficial. Officers can penalize motorists who do not pull over for vehicles stopped along the roadside with warnings or fines.

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