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Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers: The Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers: The Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

While Philadelphia car accident lawyers handle hundreds of car accident cases per year, we also try to educate drivers about how to avoid the worst-case scenario. At the moment a car accident happens, drivers may not realize that some forethought on car maintenance may have been the first line of defense to actually prevent the accident.

Things to Look out for During a Maintenance Check

Some simple checks we note below can be made by your mechanic during an oil change.

  • Check the battery for corrosion or cracks. A bad battery could leave you stranded or your car could stall in moving traffic.
  • Inspect the windshield wiper blades. Make sure your windshield wiper fluid is full and that you are using a fluid that removes bugs and prevents streaking. This increases visibility, especially at night.
  • Check how much life is left in the tires. You should even do this occasionally on your own. Signs of uneven wear or cracks leave the tire vulnerable to a blow-out. Tires have a shelf-life of approximately 6-10 years or 60,000 miles. Additionally, you can try the “Abraham Lincoln” tire check at home. Take a penny and put Abraham Lincoln’s head towards you and head down into the deepest part of the tire tread. If you can see Abe’s entire head profile, it is time for new tires. Low tire tread or tire baldness can cause hydroplaning, which can lead to rollovers and other serious accidents.
  • Check anti-freeze and coolant levels. Always be sure you are using the proper antifreeze for your car. Problems with your antifreeze can also affect your heater and defroster. Low coolant can put your car at risk of a fire and for overheating.
  • Check belts and hoses for wear. When the rubber on hoses and belts wears out over time, this can cause them to fail, which can lead to major engine damage.
  • Check all fluids. This includes power steering, brake fluids, and transmission fluids. When these fluids get low, your engine can underperform and could potentially lead to costly repairs.
  • Replace the air filter. This could also lead to poor engine performance if it becomes too dirty.
  • Make sure all lights are working. This includes your blinkers and your brake lights. Have a friend do a walk around of your car while you are pressing the brake and using your turn signal to be sure that they are all in order. If you plan to do a long-stretch highway drive, always be sure to turn on your lights, especially on cloudy days.

Other Repairs to Avoid Car Accidents in Pennsylvania

Some more in-depth repairs include servicing your All-Wheel Drive if you have the feature on your car and having your brakes checked regularly. Another driving tip that can optimize your car’s performance is to warm up the car for one minute when the temperature is below 32 degrees.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates Advocate for Car Accident Victims

If you or your loved one has been involved in a car accident that you believe was due in part to a driver’s failure to maintain the car, the experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyers at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates can assist you. Contact us online or call our Philadelphia Center City offices at 215-567-6600.