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Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyers Discuss Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyers Discuss Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Many of us ride buses every day. Those who do not often share the road with buses as they drive cars, cycle, or walk through the city. Buses, like all other types of vehicle, can be dangerous to their passengers and others on the roadway, particularly when the driver is negligent. However, driver negligence is not the only issue that can cause a bus accident to occur. Issues like poorly-maintained roadways, poorly designed roads and parking lots, and external factors like weather conditions and bus malfunctions can lead to collisions, fires, other types of accidents that leave victims with serious injuries.

If you are injured in a bus accident in Philadelphia, you have the right to seek compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim. Consider working with an experienced personal injury lawyer to seek the money you deserve. Below are a few common causes of bus accidents.

Difficult Road Design and Conditions

In old cities like Philadelphia, roads tend to be narrow. Maneuvering through these old streets can be difficult for bus drivers and often, narrow roadways reduce drivers’ visibility and create blind spots. Be cognizant of what a driver can and cannot see when you are waiting for a bus to move.

Bus Driver and Company Negligence

When a driver acts in a manner that inhibits their ability to safely operate a vehicle, that driver is negligent. A few examples of driver negligence include:

A bus company can also be negligent by failing to properly screen drivers before hiring them. A bus company also has the responsibility to safely maintain its buses, which includes complying with all repairs for recalled parts.

Motorist and Pedestrian Negligence

Sometimes, bus accidents occur because parties outside the bus act in a negligent manner. For example, a pedestrian might walk in front of a bus as it departs from a stop, causing the driver to either slam on the brake or hit the pedestrian. Buses are large and as such, need more space to come to a complete stop than smaller vehicles. A distracted or aggressive driver might collide with a bus, injuring its passengers.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Wet and icy conditions make operating any type of vehicle more difficult. Similarly, it can be easier for a bus driver to get into an accident at night when visibility is low. Bus companies can reduce their fleets’ chances of being involved in weather-related accidents by replacing their bus’ tires when appropriate and altering bus routes when necessary.

Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyers at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates Seek Compensation for Victims of Bus Accidents

Individuals who suffer damages as the result of bus accidents can seek compensation for their damages through personal injury claims. To learn more about this process, fill out our online form or call 215-567-6600 to set up your initial consultation with our team of Philadelphia bus accident lawyers at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates. Our office is located in Philadelphia and we proudly serve injury victims in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.