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Reasons for Summertime Car Accidents

Reasons for Summertime Car Accidents

Summertime. The time when the kids are out of school, and that long-awaited vacation arrives. Summer is also the time when, according to the National Highway Safety Administration, car accidents increase to their highest levels all year. In fact, the hottest month of the year, August heats up most in terms of highway fatalities.

Reasons for Increased Summertime Car Accidents

There are many reasons that car accidents increase in summertime, but high among these is because young drivers are on the roads more often. During the school term, young drivers are limited in their travel, but in summer, more take to the highways. One study found that teen drivers are on the roads in summertime 44 percent more than any other season. This means that the most inexperienced drivers are operating cars on highways at higher rates. That alone nearly guarantees an increase in car accidents.

Yet, combine this fact with another, namely that young drivers tend to allow more distractions while driving. Friends playing, eating, texting, changing clothes to and from water parks, and similar unsafe habits are major causes in some car accidents.

There is more. With the economy performing better and fuel prices remaining low, more people are driving, especially for vacations. With more cars in general on the highways, traveling further distances, logging more miles, there are always more car accidents.

Heat and Construction

Add two other elements and it becomes abundantly clear why car accidents greatly increase in summer months.

The first is summer heat. Heat can cause several problems related to accidents. Tires can heat up causing the air within to expand. Too much pressure on the tire can result in a blow out. Increased heat can also cause radiators and air conditioners to become overworked, causing ruptures in hoses and stress on drive belts. If these give way while traveling at high speeds, the result can be tragic.

The other element is road construction. Construction zones are dangerous enough, but many states and localities increase the amount of road construction done in summertime because they want to take advantage of the fair weather. More construction zones, combined with higher temperatures, more cars on the roads, and more inexperienced drivers all combine to form the perfect storm for increased car accidents in summer.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates Advise Taking Time When Traveling During Summer Months

Regardless of the increased risks to drivers during summertime, each driver has a responsibility to be safe. Failing to maintain control of a car can not only put drivers and passengers at risk, but can also result in litigation should injuries occur.

The Philadelphia car accident lawyers at Geoffrey B. Gompers & Associates help victims of car accidents. When someone has caused injuries because of negligent driving, whether during summer months or any other time of the year, the law states that they can seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and more. If this has happened to you, contact us online or call either 215-567-6600 to arrange a consultation.