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Fleetworthy Solutions

Fleetworthy Solutions

Although the commercial truck industry has been making efforts to improve road safety, fatalities have continued to steadily increase where truck accidents are concerned, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Crashes involving large commercial vehicles are on the rise, with the fatality toll amounting to over 4,300 in 2016. Stricter regulations can prevent truck accidents by switching up safety protocols.

Analytics Improve Compliance of Truck Drivers

In the commercial truck industry, being roadworthy is often up to interpretation. It is easy for truck drivers to record false hours to meet driving quotas, a situation that can often lead to motor vehicle accidents because of speeding, driving under the influence, and distracted driving. A new company, Fleetworthy Solutions, is working to make roads safer by implementing the use of electronic logging devices (ELD) to capture driver data.

Using data and analytics, Fleetworthy Solutions is focusing on road safety by keeping an eye on commercial vehicles and driver behavior. By capturing statistics such as hours of service and mileage for drivers of commercial trucks, the results can highlight the steps needed to prevent truck accidents caused by fatigue. The data module to be used by truck management teams offers detailed statistics and background information on the driver. This includes qualifications, drug and health records, up to date GPS coordinates, fuel receipts, and toll records. The Fleetworthy Solutions model provides commercial companies with the ability to track and review driver records using ELD, which will drastically improve road safety measures by ensuring that truck drivers are alert and focused.

Preventing Trucking Accidents

A mobile notification service is currently in development that will issue alerts to vehicle management teams based on set compliance standards. If data suggests that safety will be compromised while on the road, management teams will be notified. For example, if a truck driver’s data indicates that he has been on the road all night, the management team in charge will be notified and can be placed in direct contact with the driver of the commercial vehicle. Data collected using ELD will allow commercial truck management teams to keep track of drivers and improve safety procedures by monitoring work hours, mileage, and GPS records of truck drivers behind the wheel.

By working with commercial transportation companies to track vehicle and driver data, Fleetworthy Solutions is demanding higher safety standards for truck drivers, which will help minimize the chance for trucking accidents.

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