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Avoiding Work-Zone Related Accidents

Avoiding Work-Zone Related Accidents

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) states that there is a work-zone related car accident every five minutes throughout the nation. In fact, work-zones are listed among the most common element in fatal car accidents. The usual flow of traffic is interrupted by lane closures, shifting lanes, warning signs, lights, barrels, flags, vehicles, and workers. Extreme caution is required to avoid work-zone related car accidents as data consistently shows that traffic accidents increase in work-zones. The following are actions that drivers can practice to avoid work-zone related car accidents:

  • Service the vehicle before a long trip. Work-zones often require frequent stopping. This can cause the vehicle to malfunction in some way that could contribute to a crash later.
  • Maintain a safe following distance. The rule of thumb for driving is to have a two-second following distance between cars. It is recommended to increase this distance in work-zones because frequent stops and erratic movements are common.
  • Obey all signs. Workers place signs to warn drivers of hazards, prevent injury to workers, and help maintain traffic flow during highway construction projects. Ignoring the signs is a quick way to cause an accident.
  • Obey the speed limit. Speed limit signs are posted according to the increased risk of an accident. A stretch of road that is undergoing shoulder repairs can be far less hazardous than a long section that is being shifted constantly to repair sub-surface damage. Speeding is the number one cause of accidents in work-zones. When someone crashes while speeding, the driver is liable to others involved for any harm they suffer due to their negligence.

Few work-zone car accidents can be properly called accidents. The DOT continually warns the driving public that speeding, distractions, and tailgating are the main causes of car accidents. If drivers slow down, drive with patience, and remain alert in work-zones, most accidents can be avoided. Drivers have a responsibility to the passengers in their own car, as well as persons in other cars sharing the highway, to drive safely.

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